About us

Beautiful flowers can create unforgettable emotions. It is important for us that our clients fully experience these wonderful emotions, so we always keep in line with our core values.

Aesthetics and Sophistication

Every single petal is special and unique. We take great care to ensure that our flowers receive individual care, highlighting their uniqueness.

Creating Beautiful Moments

Flowers bring a unique feel to both special occasions and everyday life. We are extremely pleased to be part of the beautiful moments of our customers’ lives.

Time Is Valuable

It is important for us that our customers receive their order at the right place and at the right time, no matter where they are in Latvia. Our agents make sure that the flowers are always transported carefully and safely.

Endless Options

One flower gives millions of options. We offer a wide range of different types of flowers and plants, allowing for truly unique combinations that will fit the taste and needs of every client.

Personalised Approach

Our clients are our greatest value. It is important for us to make everyone feel special and to let their ideas fly for us to create a unique offer together.

Every Step of the Way

We care about both the process and the result. Great care is taken with every order, from the moment of the application to the delivery, ensuring that everything meets the wishes and needs of the customer.