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"Wonderful customer service! The courier had accidentally damaged the flower pots during delivery, and they replaced them without any excuses, delivering new ones the very next day." 

/Silva Š./

"There's always something interesting. Freshly cut flowers in a wide selection at good prices! Large and small indoor plants available too! Highly recommended!" 

/Ilze. N./

"I highly recommend it. Reasonable prices for cut flowers. You can buy a lot for a very low price." 

/Sarlote E./

"A great surprise on Women's Day! The guys greeted us with roses and delicious champagne on March 8th! Thank you! Always a great selection - I love large indoor plants. It was a delight today!" 

/Vineta K./


"Since I started going to Flower Express, I haven't been anywhere else. A wide selection of cut flowers and a diverse range of indoor plants at affordable prices. There's a cozy corner with decorations and ribbons, making you want to stay longer because there are so many different little things, beauties, and decor that you don't want to miss. Basic items like glue, oasis, ribbons, etc., are available in a wide selection at affordable prices. The employees are responsive and cooperative! See you soon!" 

/Liene D./

"The store is excellent, with a large selection and reasonable prices. Today, I bought 50 roses for my wife on the occasion of our wedding anniversary, and the cashier even made a beautiful bouquet, for which I am very grateful. I kindly ask you to somehow acknowledge them for this! Thank you very much!!!" 

/Anatolijs P./