Ziedu ekspresis is one of the largest wholesale bases for cut flowers, houseplants, decorations, and florist supplies in Latvia with over 10 years of experience.
We extend wholesale opportunities to legal entities upon the execution of a contract.



Our assortment includes a wide range of cut flowers, houseplants, various decorations, and flower pots for homes, gardens, and special occasions.

We source flowers and plants through auctions and from growers. We regularly update our assortment for Homes, Gardens, and Special Occasions and receive larger shipments of holiday decorations as the holiday seasons approach, such as Valentine's Day, Easter, and Christmas etc.


Cut Flowers:


To offer the freshest flowers at the best prices, we purchase our products at Dutch auctions twice a week. We provide a wide range of traditional and exotic flowers and greens, allowing us to create unique combinations to suit every customer's taste and needs, catering to both classic and contemporary trends.



We source houseplant products at Dutch auctions three times a week and also make purchases from the best growers to ensure high-quality and cost-effective offerings for our customers. Our range includes green and flowering houseplants and outdoor plants that bring a cozy and flourishing atmosphere to interiors and gardens.

For Home, Garden, and Special Occasions:


In this section, we offer floral and technical materials, packaging materials, gift boxes, seasonal decorations, various interior and garden items, garden furniture, pots, vases, baskets, lanterns, candles, and soft toys. We keep up with seasonal and holiday decoration trends, from elegant classics to modern solutions. We regularly update our assortment of packaging materials and floral and technical materials.

Flower Pots:


Beautiful and original containers allow plants or flower bouquets to stand out and look great in interiors. We offer flower pots and vases in various shapes, colors, and materials, suitable for every taste.

The assortment includes ceramic, glass, metal, plastic, and other material containers for plants and flowers.

Ordering Options:


We offer three ways to place orders according to each customer's needs and capabilities:

  • Ordering through a Ziedu ekspresis trade agent.
  • Ordering through the Ziedu ekspresis B2B trade platform.
  • Ordering through the Dutch online trade platform.



We handle each order with great care from the moment of application until delivery, ensuring that everything meets the customer's wishes and needs.

We have a reliable fleet of vehicles and strong collaborations with transportation companies.

Time is valuable to us, so it's important that customers receive their orders in the right place and on time.

We ensure that our products are transported with care and security.

At Ziedu ekspresis, we deeply value each and every customer. Our commitment is to ensure that you feel genuinely special and well-cared for throughout your journey with us.

Together, we collaborate to craft the best solutions to meet your needs.

To learn more, contact our sales manager!


Sales Manager:

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